Examen LC C2 – Speaking

Demo LC C2 – Speaking



Answer these short questions. The examiner will ask you up to 5 questions, depending on the length of your answers. They should last no more than 30 seconds approximately.

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What is your first name? And your family name? / Could you please spell it?
  3. Explain your ideas on some topics:
  • Education: Is it vital to know about the history of your country?  
  • Social life: What do you usually do when you go to a party?
  • Economy: Do you rely on a weekly budget when it comes to shopping for food?




Role-playing. Your interlocutor will propose two situations. In the first one, they will start the conversation with one sentence, and you’ll be asked to continue the story. In the second situation, you’ll start the conversation once your interlocutor gives you the premise. The conversations won’t last more than 1:00-1:30 minutes each. 


  • I’m your student. “I’d like to speak about my exam. I think my mark is not fair” I start.


  • We’re strangers at the supermarket. I have jumped the queue and you think that’s wrong. You start.






Debate with the examiner about the following topics. You have 20 seconds in which to look at this part and decide what to say. You are expected to discuss it together for about 4 minutes. 




You’ll be given a topic to talk about for two minutes. You’ll also be given around one minute to take some notes. After you finish, you’ll be asked one question about the topic.


  • Should your job be your passion?