Listening Modelo 1 – Parte 4 Monólogo 2

PART 4- You will hear 2 monologues about a topic. For question 1-4 choose the correct answer.  You will hear each audio only once.


(En el examen solo se podrá reproducir el audio una vez, sin oportunidad de detenerlo ni rebobinar o adelantar)




Monologue 2:  Disappointed man

Why did the man lose respect for the singer?

  • The artist was looking down on fans
  • The artist wasn’t as tall as expected
  • The gig was more interesting
What did the artist do for 15 minutes?

  • He went on about himself.
  • He rolled his eyes.
  • He was being inventive.
What’s the man’s complaint about his entrance?

  • It was too expensive
  • The merchandise was limited
  • The interview was upsetting
  What was the singer’s behavior towards the man?

  • Avoidant
  • Selfish
  • Arrogant
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