Listening Modelo 2 – Parte 4 Monólogo 2

PART 4- You will hear 2 monologues about a topic. For question 1-4 choose the correct answer.  You will hear each audio only once.

(En el examen solo se podrá reproducir el audio una vez, sin oportunidad de detenerlo ni rebobinar o adelantar)




Monologue 2 Lecture man


The pupils of the auditorium…

  • Expected more hand-on lessons.
  • Knew the man was pretending.
  • Weren’t interested in management.
What happened in the first part of the talk?

  • The man rehearsed his presentation.
  • The students didn’t listen to him.
  • The man was really tense.
Why did the man want to disappear?

  • He felt too hot.
  • The listeners weren’t invested. 
  • He couldn’t stop shaking.
What’s the man’s job?

  • He is a businessman.
  • He is an expert manager.
  • He is a lecturer.
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