Modelo examen 6 – Reading – Part 3

Read the four texts below. There are eight questions about the texts. Decide which text (A, B, C or D) tells you the answer to the question. The first one is done for you.  



The Brighton festival runs from 1st-23rd May this year, and some 300,000 visitors are expected. More than 700 dance, theatre, music, art and literature events will take place throughout the city, ranging from outdoor events in the Lanes and by the seafront, to theatre and dance in the Dome auditorium. The festival kicks off on May Day in Sydney Street with the «Children’s Classics» parade of 4,000 children; they’ll be dressed as a character from the books of authors such as one-time Brighton resident Lewis Carroll. Other events include exhibitions and street performances. There will be a special exhibition of work by recent graduates of the University of Brighton Fine Art Department.

All the work Nill be for sale so it’s a good chance to pick up a potential masterpiece.

This year’s offerings combine tradition with modern events such as a comedy evening. To help warm-up for the festival, which runs from May 5th to the 23rd, a Tree street festival will take place on 24th April, with human mannequin window displays at Jarrod’s department store, acrobatic skateboarders and life-size gar-den gnomes. There will also be a beer festival with over 100 real ales and wine tasting offering a selection of British wines.

For those people who are more adventurous there will be the opportunity to have a ride in a not air balloon, weather permitting. There will also be a book exhibition in the park and special storytelling afternoons for children by some

of Britain’s leading authors. Or your child can borrow a book and read for himself or herself.


Promoting its status as one of England’s newest cities, Preston’s International City Festival takes place 11th-20th June. The festival will have an international flavour because this year the Preston Caribbean Festival will be incorporated into the proceedings with a lively carnival and Preston’s Asian community will stage dance, art and music events. The festival will have a gastronomic theme, with demonstrations from some of Europe’s top chefs and cookery workshops are given by the city’s Indian and Chinese communities. There will also be a «proms in the park», an open-air cinema in Avenham Park and a street theatre.


The Mersey River Festival is the largest maritime event in England this year and will take place around Albert Dock and Pier Head on 18th-21st June. Visiting tall ships will be open to the public. Blue Badge guides will lead tours around Liverpool landmarks such as the Cunard Building, and voices will unite for the International Sea Shanty festival. Get into the festival spirit by trying out kayaking, water polo and a variety of other water sports for free at the Watersports Centre. If you sign up for a course of watersports lessons which start after the festival, you will receive a 50% discount. There will also be unarmed combat displays by the Royal Marines to raise money for charity, a river parade, an illuminated narrow boat parade through the docks, and a historic diving exhibition.


In which text does the writer: 

Example: say that it is a cheap way to learn how to do an activity.  D


  1. say that an event is opened by young people. 
  2. say that in this city you can watch a film in the fresh air.  
  3. holds that you can watch professionals fighting. 


Which text is saying the following?

  1. The chance is to make a long-term investment. 
  2. You can get an interesting allowance. 
  3. Music in a religious building. 
  4. An exotic taste will be displayed this year. 


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