Modelo examen 7 – Reading – Part 2

Read the text. Use the sentences to complete the text. Choose the correct sentence for each gap. There are two extra sentences you will not need.



Cross culturally, conditions and situations that are outside the norm are often seen as social problems, and social control is often the solution. These days, our culture views fat individuals as not normal, not okay. There was a time when fatness was viewed positively — as beautiful and as an indication of health. 1.___________________________________. Then it was medicalized and seen as a sickness. Both of these labels remain in place today. However, a movement has grown attempting to de-medicalize and de-demonize the large body. 

In cultures and times when food is not readily accessible, fatness becomes more desirable and fashionable. However, easy access to food resources, as occurred during the agricultural and industrial revolutions, 2.________________________________.  Since the 1950s fatness has been increasingly viewed as negative. 3.________________________________________ viewing them as outside the norm and therefore bad, sinful and ugly.  This allowed the moral model of fatness to arise, which suggests that fat people are responsible for their condition and should be punished as a means of social control to get them to toe the line, lose weight and look «normal.» 

Medical claims that obesity is unhealthy took off after the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company undertook research to help improve profit. Their mostly faulty research was (incorrectly) analyzed to show that 4.________________________________________. The statistician who worked for Met Life, Louis Dublin, set out to convince doctors that fat is unhealthy, speaking at medical conferences, etc. At first doctors were highly resistant, but eventually succumbed to the onslaught. 

The medicalization of an issue occurs in many different forms and changing the name of a condition is part of the process of medicalization. 5._________________________________ such as obese, adipose and overweight.  Medicalization becomes more thoroughly entrenched when more medical categories become involved.  Obesity has done this by broadening the terminology to include weight disorders, eating disorders and metabolic disorders.



A. Thus, we don’t know how far they would go to justify their self-victimization

B. Set the stage to view fatness as unfavorable

C. Condoning the undeniable thin privilege

D. During the past century, however, fatness was moralized and seen as «bad.»

E. Hence, terms to describe fatness shifted to view fatness as a sickness,

F. The fatter a person got, the unhealthier they become

G. One unfortunate result of this movement is the frequent stigmatization of the «obese,» 

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