Reading 1.4

  • Read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap.


Classic Comedy: When Harry Met Sally 

Since its 1___________ in 1989, When Harry Met Sally has 2___________ a lasting place in the affections of audiences around the world. Director Rob Reiner could never have predicted that the film’s central question. ‘Can men and women really be friends?’ would have such wide 3___________. It won the 4___________ of audiences and critics alike with Nora Ephron 5___________ a nomination for the best screenplay at the Academy Awards. The film 6___________ the relationship of the two main characters Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan), over the course of twelve years. At first it seems they are completely 7___________ to each other, she’s a romantic optimist, while he’s cynical and 8___________ in commitment. Unlike the characters, however, audiences will not be deceived by their seeming incompatibility, aware that the laws of romantic comedy dictate that love 9___________ prevails.




1                   A release                               B rise                           C emergence                              D origin 

2                  A remained                          B gained                      C continued                                D reached 

3                  A appeal                               B charm                       C fame                                         D popularity

4                 A celebration                        B success                     C approval                                  D recognition

5                 A holding                               B collecting                 C taking                                      D receiving

6                 A portrays                             B displays                     C reveals                                    D demonstrates

7                 A inappropriate                   B unsuited                    C unfit                                        D inadequate

8                 A lacking                               B faulty                         C missing                                   D insufficient

9                A absolutely                          B exactly                        C inevitably                               D truly


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