Reading 2.4

  • Read the text below and decide which answer (A, B or C) best fits each gap.


The perfect paper plane

Let us suppose you have developed some designs for paper planes and wish to 1___________ which of these is best. Having 2___________ paper planes in the past will allow you to 3___________ a hypothesis – for example, that planes with wider wingspans fly further. You will then need to 4___________ hypothesis by designing an experiment. This is relatively straightforward. You simply make some planes with 5___________ wingspans, throw them, measure how far they travel and record the distances. The planes should be thrown at least five times. You should record your results, 6___________ them on a graph and then examine your 7___________ before writing them up. In your conclusion, you should say whether your 8___________ hypothesis has been confirmed or not. If it has not, it will need to be modified.


1                     A find out                        B determine                                   C know

2                    A watched                        B looked at                                     C observed

3                    A get to                             B make                                            C arrive at

4                    A validate                         B check                                           C try

5                    A different                        B varying                                        C distinct 

6                    A plot                                B write                                            C put

7                    A discoveries                   B findings                                       C answers 

8                   A first                                B starting                                        C initial  

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