Reading 3.1

  • Read the graph and select the sentence (A-B-C) that presents the closest meaning.November 16, 2019
    Noah CalhounSeabrook Island, South Carolina 

    Dear Noah,

    I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted for admission to University of South Carolina for the fall semester. The faculty, staff and students welcome you to our institution of higher learning. 

    Your residency has been determined to be resident tuition. The Housing Office will contact you regarding on campus housing.

    The U of SC undergraduate catalog is available on our website: You will receive a printed copy of the catalog from the Admissions Office when you visit campus.

    Congratulations on your acceptance to the Unversity of South Carolina, the entire university looks forward to your participation in U of SC’s community of learners improving our world.

    Welcome to U of SC,

    Carlisle Cullen

    Director of Admissions

    P.S. If you need assistance or have question please feel free to call or email me.




(  ) A copy of the undergraduate catalog will be mailed to Noah

(  ) Noah will be granted accommodation

(  ) Noah starts university in 2019

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