Reading 3.3

  • Read the text and choose the best word for the space.

Managing change  

Most people find change unsettling and difficult to adapt to. Many societies have experienced  1________ rapid change in the early years of the 21st century that life can feel very daunting 2________ times. Various commentators have 3________ forward suggestions for coping with change on a  personal level.  

One suggestion involves thinking of three solutions to a problem, rather 4________ two. Apparently,  many people faced 5________ change respond by considering two possible courses of action, but  invariably tend to reject both of these. However, thinking instead of three potential solutions is a  strategy which, according to research, provides a reliable way of finding a solution to the initial  problem.  

Another strategy advocates learning to avoid set patterns of routine behavior. Something simple, 6________taking another route to work at 7________ once a week, is seen as encouraging  confidence in the face of uncertainty. 8________ the simplicity of these ideas, they nevertheless help  prepare people mentally to manage major change if necessary. 

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