Reading 4.3

  • Read the text and choose the best word for the space.

Planning ahead

Sally Keating, who runs an online recruitment service, admits she often worries 1________ the future. ‘My biggest concern for my future is that my company 2________ not be the success that I hope for as I’m depending on that to make all my dreams come true.’ But when Sally starts worrying about the future, she isn’t just thinking about the immediate needs of her business. By the time her online business 3________ successful, she wants to 4________ bought a flat and got married. She is also uncertain how she 5________ be able to save for her retirement. This is the advice life coach Paddy Carson had to Sally: ‘6________ it’s a good idea to think about your goals in life, Sally’s problem is that she’s identified too many. Instead, Sally needs to focus on her priorities. First, she needs to focus on making her business a success. She should get some advice from someone who understands the recruitment business and set some realistic targets. She should not delay doing this. 7________ should she allow herself to wonder 8________ her business will be unsuccessful. She should only picture what it will be like when she’s achieved  her goals.  

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