Reading Modelo 1

ISE III Test 1


Inaccurate, exploitative, and very popular: the problem with ‘Poverty Porn’ Paragraph 1 

With politicians, media, and much of public opinion already framing welfare as a problem, what is the impact of television  shows that propose to ‘expose’ the daily lives of claimants? Hopelessness as soap opera. Poverty as entertainment. Some  critics call it “poverty voyeurism” – reality shows that focus on the poorest section of society and whose appeal comes from  the thrill we get as an audience seeing “how the other half live” – but in this case the other half are the destitute. Professor  of Law and Social Justice at the University of Liverpool Ruth Patrick has written a book attempting to explain the mismatch  between such portrayals and claimants’ realities. She writes that while some of Britain’s poorest are being exploited for  entertainment, the impact of those portrayals is anything but entertaining.  

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