Speaking Demo Aptis Advanced

TASK 1. 3 questions. You have 45 seconds to answer each question.




A) Compare the pictures.



B) From your point of view, what are the advantages and disadvantages of buying in one and the other?


C) What kind of people would go to each place?




TASK 2. You have one minute to prepare and 2 minutes to answer the 3 questions.




  1. Is pollution one of the greatest challenges faced by new generations?

  2. What do you think about reducing the use of plastics?

  3. How could our actions regarding pollution affect the planet in the near future?



TASK 3 – You have 1min to prepare and 1:30 mins to discuss 2 pros and 2 cons




  • They are attractive to adolescents.
  • Practising them can boost your adrenaline and motivation.
  • They are a solution to sedentarism.
  • They can result in severe injuries.
  • The costs for public health are huge.
  • There are better and safer options.



TASK 4 – You have 45 seconds to answer 1 question (related to the topic of the previous exercise)


What would you tell your children if they were suddenly interested in an extreme sport?