Speaking Modelo Demo

Speaking Part 1 – Topic (8 minutes)



Part 1 consists of a 4-minute presentation on a topic of your choosing followed by a 4-minute conversation on your topic:




  • Choose a topic that interest you
  • Choose a topic that has some depth, that you can analyse, not something descriptive
  • Structure – a clear argument with intro and conclusion
  • Formal (but not too formal)
  • Don’t memorise too much, it can sound unnatural



In the discussion – ask questions (What do you think? Do you agree? etc)




Speaking Part 2 – Collaborative task (4 minutes)




The teacher’s prompt:


I think under 18s should be banned from social media.



In this task you need to follow the next strategies: react, paraphrase, ask, opinion


Let’s see some examples:


React with expressions:

  • Sounds right
  • That’s a strong opinion
  • I don’t know about that



  • So, you’re saying…
  • You mean…
  • Are you saying…


Ask questions:

  • Why do you think…?
  • What makes you say…?
  • Have you considered…?


Give your opinion:

  • If you ask me,…
  • It seems to me that…
  • In my view…


Ask a questions once you’ve given your opinion:

  • What do you think?
  • Do you agree?
  • Do you see what I mean?




Speaking Part 3 – Conversation task (3 mins)


Part of the tips and advice for this part can be taken from Part 2 – collaborative task. GHere you have some topics for the conversation task to work on:



1.What do you think is the right age to leave home?


Role models

1.Is it important to have a role-model when growing up?


The media

1.Do you think we can find news which are not biased?


The arts

1.Why do you think the price of art increases after the death of the artist?



1.What is ambition?



1.Is competitiveness in the job market higher now than 50 years ago?



1.Do you believe certain type of advertisement should be banned?


The rights of the individual

1.Do you think people have the right to be rude on the internet?



1.I read an article recently that said female soldiers are now allowed on the front line in the UK army. I don’t know if this is a good idea.


Young people’s rights

1.Do you think under 18s should be allowed to do little jobs to earn money?



1.There has been an increase of lifestyle gurus on the social media over the past years. To what extent are they reliable?


Economic issues

1.Do you think unhealthy foods should be taxed more?