Writing Demo Aptis Advanced

PART 1- CHAT- Write an answer to each question within 25- 30 words.

You have around 5 mins. (INFORMAL)






  • What are the new music trends in your country? 

  • What is your favorite kind of music?

  • Hi! I’ve always been keen on going to concerts, what about you? When was the last time you’ve been to one? 




PART 2- EMAIL-Write an EMAIL within 130-150 words.


You have around 15 mins. (FORMAL)





You have to answer to an email in which the sender is included. A meeting to discuss changes in the  campus will be held, confirming whether or not you will be present. You have to give your opinion about the following issues:

  • The library’s schedule will be shortened. Explain how this can be bad for students and suggest  wider timetables.  

  • The price students pay monthly to eat at the cafeteria will be raised, because vegan options will be offered.

  • Next month the east side of the campus will be closed for works of renovation, so classes that were held there will be postponed




PART 3- ARTICLE- Write an ARTICLE within 180-220 words. Use the data you have in the box below


You have around 20 mins. (NEUTRAL)



Social Media




Active Social Media Users
Average of Social Media Accounts per internet user
Money spent on Social Media Advertising  
3.19 billion
57.9 billions
1.59 billion
9.7 billion
1 billion
0.68 billion