Writing Demo

TASK 1: answer the following short questions by using just 5 words per questions.



(5 words)



When do you normally practise Yoga?


What are the benefits of doing yoga?


Where do you usually practise Yoga?









TASK 2: You’ve just enrolled the YING YANG COURSE. Fill in the form. Write in sentences. Use 20-30 words for the first question and 30-40 words for the rest of the questions.



(20-30 words)


I think Yoga is good for the body and mind because:




TASK 3: Answer the following questions using friendly vocabulary. Use 30-40 words for each question.



 (30-40 words)



ELSA: Hey! I see you have joined the Yoga course. I joined as I am new to the area and wanted to do something new. Why did you join?


ELSA: How did you hear about the club?


ELSA: I really like the videos that the teacher shows us after the classes. What do you like?




TASK 4: You received an e-mail from the yoga course:



Dear Yoguis:


I am writing to you that unfortunately the guest teacher, Nathan, won’t be able to come this weekend.  I know that many of you have worked hard to help to organise the Yoga marathon but we are going to have to cancel it I’m afraid. 





***Write an e-mail to your friend/classmate. Write about your feelings and what you are planning to do. Write about 50 words. You have 10 minutes.
Use friendly, informal English here, but use standard spelling and punctuation.
***Write an e-mail to the secretary of the university. Write about your feelings and what you would like to do. Write about 120-150 words. You have 20 minutes.
Use formal English here. Remember to open and close your letter appropriately.