Speaking Tips




#1.  Tu presentación (4 minutos)


Preparada de antemano en clase: uso de conectores, inversiones, pasivas, expresiones destacadas de Use of English. Más info en: https://salondeidiomas.es/ingles-c1/ , https://salondeidiomas.es/inversiones-en-ingles-nivel-avanzado/



#2. Cómo contestar a preguntas sobre la presentación (3 minutos)


That’s food for thought!
Certainly! Indeed! Exactly!
That’s not quite what I mean.
As I have already mentioned in the presentation,
Well, partially….
Hmm, yes, what I mean is that
That’s actually a good question…
Well, I have never thought about it, but it raises an interesting point..



#3. Cómo llevar la Collaborative task (4 minutos): Blog: Trinity C1 la parte colaborativa



You have to express sympathy and empathy, reservations, caution, challenging arguments an opinions. You need to evaluate different standpoints and justify an argument. Could you run over that again, please?


Reaction expressions: Indeed, it’s food for thought! Wow, that’s definitely puzzling/unsettling/amazing/tough/a quandary (a dilemma)/ a strong opinion


Agreement: I can see your point, I know what you mean, sounds right!, I know, I see what’s your thought, I completely agree/ I see eye to eye with you/ I agree with you up to a point/ I think along your lines


Paraphrasing and summarizing: So, basically, what you mean is that…./ So, if I get it right, you are saying/mean than…//Let me get it straight, you are saying that…./◗ So in other words, what you are saying/I am saying is …? ◗ Are you saying/suggesting that …? ◗ Could you explain that in another way? Can you expand on that? ◗ Essentially what are the main points to bear in mind …? ◗ Basically, my main point is … ◗ In just a few words can you summarise that for me?


Different standpoint: Yeah, but what if…? Don’t you think that perhaps…? Let’s try to see it from a different standpoint/perspective, imagine that…. / Have you considered…?/Have you ever wondered…?/ Why did you come up with such idea?/ What do you base your point on?



Sympathize: I feel likewise, however… / I can imagine it’s not easy/difficult


Give opinions: Honestly, If I were you… / From my humble opinion, perhaps doing…would be better…/ As far as I’m concerned…


Give examples: Actually, something similar happened to me as well, I remember…


Emphasis while the other is speaking: yep, yes, hmmm, indeed, exactly, for sure, wow…


Hypothesis: I guess that would mean/ perhaps this would mean…


Question tags: don’t you? aren’t you?



#4. Conversación (3 minutos)



Agreement: Indeed, no brainer, I think along your lines, we are on the same page, I see eye to eye with you, I think likewise…


Partial agreement: Yes, to a degree. Having said that, …, Well, it’s not that clear-cut because …


Disagreement: I’m not that sure I agree, I partially agree, I agree with you up to a point yet..


Emphasis while the other is speaking: yep, yes, definitely, certainly, absolutely, hmmm, indeed, exactly, for sure…


Make it personal: It’s a bit of a puzzling question, I didn’t expect this to be such a hot issue/outstanding matter, for sure it’s something to think about, I don’t want to bog down in detail (no quiero entrar en detalles), I guess everything boils down to… (supongo que todo se reduce), I would play out this point (descartaría éste aspecto), according to some experts, the gist is (el meollo del asunto es..) etc..


Decoration: virtually (prácticamente), barely, frankly, personally, actually, usually, definitely, absolutely, hardly, frequently, eventually (a la larga), finally…

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