Ejemplos de elementos sensoriales:

Ejemplos de elementos sensoriales:



The man had flowing brown hair and overgrown stubble

His chocolate eyes turn caramel in the sun

When he walks, he has a slight limp in his left leg but tries to hide it


Freshly ground coffee

An orange split open, filling the air with a citrus spray

A foggy bathroom smelling of warm soap and lavender


The snap of a crisp apple, and the sweetness that comes after.

The bite of harsh salt

A tongue coated in rich grease from a thick steak


Picking gravel out of a raw cut on your arm

Feeling chalk scrape across the chalkboard, and the powder it leaves behind on your fingers

The cold dusting of fresh snow across your face as it flurries down


The jungle buzzed and chirruped with insects as the sunset

The cacophony of voices grew to a deafening roar in the overcrowded lobby

Rain pattered softly on the window as wind whistled through the cracks like a wailing spirit

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