Opinion expressions



It is widely believed that…
Example: «It is widely believed that access to quality education is a fundamental right that should be available to all children, regardless of their socioeconomic background.»


The prevailing view is that…
Example: «The prevailing view is that stricter environmental regulations are necessary to combat the growing threats of climate change and pollution.»


There is a consensus that…
Example: «There is a consensus that fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion within the workplace leads to greater creativity and productivity.»


It is often argued that…
Example: «It is often argued that government intervention in healthcare is essential to ensure that citizens have access to affordable and comprehensive medical services.»





Reafirmar una opinión:



This idea is supported by…
Example: «This idea is supported by many experts in the field who have found similar results.»


The truth of this viewpoint is emphasized by…
Example: «The truth of this viewpoint is emphasized by looking at how it has worked in other places.»


The strength of this argument becomes clearer when…
Example: «The strength of this argument becomes clearer when we see how it has helped in similar situations in the past.»



This position gains more support from…
Example: «This position gains more support from looking at real-life examples where it has made a positive difference.»




Expresiones de cara al futuro



It is anticipated that…
Example: «It is anticipated that advancements in artificial intelligence will revolutionize various industries, including healthcare and finance.»


The future outlook suggests that…
Example: «The future outlook suggests that renewable energy sources will play a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and addressing climate change.»



There is a growing expectation that…
Example: «There is a growing expectation that digital transformation will reshape traditional business models, making them more agile and customer-centric.»


It is projected that…
Example: «It is projected that by 2050, the global population will reach nine billion, posing significant challenges for food security and resource management.»



Passive Voice




  • «The new policy was implemented by the management to enhance workplace safety.»
  • «The research findings were published in a peer-reviewed journal, gaining recognition within the scientific community.»








  • «Conducting thorough market research is crucial for understanding consumer behavior.»
  • «Collaboration among team members is essential for achieving project success.»









Undoubtedly crucial:
«The preservation of biodiversity in our ecosystems is undoubtedly crucial for maintaining a healthy planet.»


Exceedingly relevant:
«In the context of globalization, understanding cultural diversity is exceedingly relevant for successful international business operations.»


Positively imperative:
«Efforts to address social inequality are positively imperative for fostering a just and equitable society.»


Unquestionably vital:
«The role of early childhood education is unquestionably vital in shaping the future potential of our youngest generation.»
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