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  • Hit the sack
    (Irse a dormir «irse al sobre») Example:
    The delivery man was too tired and he said “I’m sorry I’ll hit the sack soon”.


  • On cloud nine
    (Estar muy feliz «Estar en el septimo cielo») Example: After experiencing the breathtaking sunset from the hilltop, I was «on cloud nine,» overwhelmed by the beauty of nature.


  • Hit the nail on the head
    (Hacer o decir algo acertado «Dar en el clavo/ Clavarlo») Example: The chef truly «hit the nail on the head» with the flavors in this dish, creating a perfect balance that left me craving more.


  • A breath of fresh air
    (Algo que constituye un cambio refrescante «Una bocanada de aire fresco») Example: The new management brought about positive changes that were like «a breath of fresh air,» revitalizing the store’s atmosphere and customer experience.


  • The icing on the cake
    (Finalizar algo muy bien «La guida en el pastel») Example: The exceptional service provided by the staff was «the icing on the cake,» making our dining experience truly memorable.


Phrasal verbs


  • Come up with
    (inventarse, elaborar) Example: Despite the poor quality organization, I’ll have to come up with a plan.


  • Point out
    (señalar) Example: In my review, I made sure to point out the excellent customer service I received, as it truly enhanced my dining experience.


  • Bring up
    (Sacar un tema) Example: I wanted to bring up the issue of the noisy environment in the hotel’s common areas, which somewhat detracted from an otherwise pleasant stay.


  • Single out
    (destacar) Example: I felt the need to single out the innovative use of flavors in the new ice cream flavors, which truly set this shop apart from others I’ve visited.


  • Round off
    (Redondear) Example: To round off my review, I’d like to mention the stunning views from the hotel room, which provided a perfect ending to each day of my vacation.



  • By and large
    (En términos generales) Example: By and large, my experience at the spa was incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating


  • Loud and clear
    (Alto y claro/Claramente) Example: The presenter’s voice came through the microphone «loud and clear,» ensuring everyone in the audience could hear the message.


  • Short and sweet
    (Breve pero agradable) Example: The restaurant’s menu was «short and sweet,» offering a concise selection of dishes that were all incredibly delicious.


  • High and low
    (Altos y bajos) Example: The store’s selection catered to both high and low budgets, ensuring there was something for everyone’s preferences and price ranges.


  • Safe and sound
    (Sano y salvo) Example: Despite the long journey, our belongings arrived safe and sound, thanks to the careful packaging and handling by the shipping company.



Synonyms of IMPORTANT

  • Significant
    Example: The local theatre has produced a lot of significant plays over the years.


  • Crucial
    Example: Proper time management is «crucial» for meeting project deadlines.
  • Vital
    Example: Regular exercise is «vital» for maintaining good health and well-being.
  • Pivotal
    Example: The CEO’s leadership during the company’s restructuring was «pivotal» in ensuring its success.
  • Essential
    Example: Good communication is «essential» for building strong relationships, both personally and professionally.

Daily expressions (100 expresiones del día a día)


  • To be reluctant (ser reacio a) > Students may feel reluctant to ask questions.


  • So far, so good (por ahora todo bien) >  So far, so good – or at least, it is an arguable case.


  • Don’t see eye to eye (no llegar a un acuerdo) > We don’t see eye to eye on business issues.


  • Take a chance (dar una oportunidad) > So why not take a chance?


  • To go the extra mile (hacer un esfuerzo) > All this when her only motivation was to go the extra mile under all circumstances.


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