Speaking Model D

Part 1





I’m going to ask you some questions about yourself and your ideas. (Choose up to five questions, one from each of the different topic areas, as time allows. Name the topic; e.g. ‘Now, Parental responsibilities.’)









Parental responsibilities

• Why do you think some children become spoilt?
• What do you think is the most important feature of a good parent?
• Do you think punishment is a good way of making children behave themselves?
• Why do you think some people choose not to become parents?



Money management

• In your opinion, what’s the best way of saving money?
• What might be the main disadvantage of having a lot of money?
• Why do some people believe it’s wrong to take out a loan to buy something?
• Some people believe that money causes more harm than good. Do you agree?





• What are the most common superstitions in your country?
• Why do people believe in superstitions?
• What do you think are the origins of superstitions?
• What’s your opinion about people who believe in superstitions?


Space exploration

• To what extent is money spent on space exploration a waste of money?
• How would you feel if you travelled in outer space?
• What two things would you take with you if you moved to another planet?
• What’s your opinion of science fiction films?




• How much does your mood affect the music you listen to?
• Do you agree that music should be part of the school curriculum?
• Are the lyrics or the tune of a song more important? Why?
• What influences a person’s taste in music?







Part 2

We are going to role-play some situations. I want you to start or respond. First situation.




• We’re flatmates. I start. Why on earth do you keep tidying up? I can’t find my laptop yet again.

• We’re classmates. I start. What do you think of our new teacher? She seems a bit strict to me.

• We’re neighbours. I live next door. I start. Your child’s football has made a mark on my fence again.

• You’re visiting a museum. I’m the security guard. I start. Excuse me. I’ve told you twice already – please don’t stand so close to the paintings.



Second situation (choose one situation from B).



• I’m your boss. You think you deserve a pay raise for your hard work. You start.

• We’re flatmates. I haven’t paid my share of the rent for the last three months. You start.

• I’m a plumber. I’ve recently done some work in your house and you’re totally dissatisfied.You start.

• We’re best friends. I’ve just told you I’ve been made redundant. You start.








Part 3



We’re going to discuss something together. Let’s talk and exchange ideas on how people can boost their self-esteem. Take twenty seconds to think about what you want to say.










Part 4



In Part Four you are going to talk about something for two minutes. Your topic is (choose topic).






A) The ideal educational system for you
B) A time when unexpected weather conditions made you alter your plans
C) The importance of body language
You now have thirty seconds to write some notes to help you.




Follow-up questions


The ideal educational system for you

• How important are exams in the educational system in your country?
• Do you think that teachers will be replaced by computers in the future?
• How would you react if you failed an important exam?
• Do you think formal education always plays an important role in people’s careers? Why (not)?



A time when unexpected weather conditions made you alter your plans

• How important is the weather to you?
• In what ways do you think weather and our mood are connected?
• To what extent are weather forecasts accurate nowadays?
• Which country do you think has the perfect weather? Why?



The importance of body language

• How important is body language during an interview?
• How much attention do you pay to your own body language?
• Why do people use gestures when they speak?
• Could you tell me about an occasion when you had to adjust your body language?

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